Winix's Water Technologies

Winix's water products address the growing consumer concern about drinking water, and the importance of keeping it clean by reducing the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, bacteria, and pollutants found in water systems.

Winix Water Technology

Winix is dedicated to developing water technologies that bring clean, drinkable water to your home.

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Winix Promise

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Winix Promise

Winix is focused on bringing Clean Water and Comfort to your indoor environment. Our reputation as an exceptional manufacturer is built upon our continuous pursuit of "next generation" technologies, quality engineering, a rich history of innovation and award winning design, and an uncompromising ethical standard in customer relations. We are never satisfied with the status quo, and we strive to bring you the best performing products.

IceCore™ Direct Chill Technology

IceCore™ is an advanced cooling technology that provides users with on-demand cold water by utilizing advanced direct chill technology. The IceCore™ Direct Chill System provides users with a high-end stainless steel design that includes an LED display, which provides you with the most attractive design in the category.

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