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Improve air quality and ventilation in smaller living spaces.

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What makes these great…

Proper airflow in smaller spaces, like apartments, can be hard to tackle – and can invite unpleasant odors and allergens to permeate every last inch. The first step in tackling these apartment-prone matters is by introducing a space-friendly, multistage air purifier. An air purifier facilitates air movement through its filtration system and prevents the accumulation of irritating allergens and pollutants – leaving your space newly refreshed.

What Our Customers are Saying

Made a huge difference in my air quality and comfort of living in my apartment during fire season. It’s also a great white noise alternative.

We have one Winix already. I just ordered another and cannot wait to put in our bedroom. Looking forward to easier breathing, less dust, and its ability to go to low mode when the lights are off. Nice!

I was having sinus headaches several times a month for several years. Bought two Winix purifiers and put them in my bedroom and run them 24 hours a day, I have had only one headache in almost two years.

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