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Winix: A Suggestion for Less Congestion

If you’re fighting the flu or a simple cold, congestion can be downright miserable; you don’t feel or sound quite like yourself. On the trek back to a less stuffy version of yourself, consider adding a humidifier to your ‘get better’ routine.

Congestion occurs when the nasal tissues become swollen. This swelling is caused by inflamed blood vessels and an excess of built-up fluid. When surrounded by a lack of humidity, dry air works against us and essentially ‘locks in’ this buildup of mucous. Humidifiers work by redepositing lost moisture into the air. Due to their production of water vapor, humidifiers aid your nasal tissues by keeping your mucous membranes wet. Properly moistened mucous membranes reduce the unpleasant side effects of irritation and inflammation. This reintroduced moisture also assist in the healing process by thinning out and loosening mucous, allowing you to have a productive cough.

In addition to calming your cold and flu nasal ailments, humidifiers can help cut down on recovery time and increase your chances in healing faster. When we’re sick, it’s essential that our bodies rest. This makes sleep quality crucial during our recovery. If you’ve ever experienced congestion, you’re familiar with how difficult it is to not only fall asleep, but to stay asleep. Properly lubricated mucous membranes allow us to breathe easier and remain asleep.

Introducing and maintaining moisture in your surroundings largely impacts your road to recovery. Running a humidifier can ease your congestion and greatly reduce tossing and turning, allowing you to have a restful sleep and wake up feeling more like yourself.