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Fresh Look, Same Winix!

Welcome to our new look! We’re excited to introduce you to our newly improved website. Our enhanced user experience makes it easier than ever for consumers to navigate the website and enjoy a simplified shopping experience. Winix America has been redesigned to offer fresh, exceptional content quickly and easily. The site has been recrafted in design, concept, and embodies all Winix lifestyles.

As an industry leader in air quality, it’s that we provide an upscale user experience and showcase our product line-up in a crisp, uniformed fashion. We pride ourselves on bringing the best products and technologies to the air quality market and want our website’s esthetic to match!

Our refreshed website offers streamlined navigation and a clean, contemporary design with a host of new eye-catching imagery. Our goal is for you to feel welcomed and informed from the beginning of your Winix journey to the end. We want to ensure that your experience is simple, enjoyable, and quickly accessible. Our new homepage allows you to easily find our products, which are now tailored to your specific lifestyle needs. We’ve done the work for you by suggesting which air quality solution is best for you, whether for workspaces, pet owners, or overall wellness, we’ve curated recommendations for every situation.

Along with our updated navigation and new lifestyle pages, our updated site has been integrated with our social media channels as well as our We Care blog. This feature helps in our continued connection with our consumers and keeps you informed of the latest news in the World of Air.  Here, you’ll find current information about Winix, helpful air quality facts, product highlights, and information regarding the benefits of our products.

We’re thrilled to showcase our refreshed website and hope you enjoy the World of Winix. We’re happy you’re here!