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Join Us in Celebrating Earth Day!

Every day is a day to be thankful for all the Earth does for us, however, today, is set aside specifically for our wonderful planet. But what exactly is Earth Day? Well, it isn’t just an excuse to wear green. Earth day is the anniversary of the modern environmental movement and is designed to raise awareness about pollution and a clean environment. Will you celebrate with us?

Across the globe, every April 22nd, we reflect on how our actions impact the earth. This day gives us an opportunity to both enjoy and give back to nature. It’s also a time to think of ways we can improve our current ways of living so that future generations can enjoy this planet as much as we do.

Earth Day 2022 marks the 52nd anniversary and its theme is “Invest In Our Planet.” This theme is intended to encourage governments, corporations, and individuals to follow sustainable practices that will help Earth’s wellbeing. This theme resonates strongly with us at Winix. It is with daily effort that our passion for protecting the environment is put to action. It is with this passion that every Winix Air Purifier carries the government-backed symbol for energy efficiency and pollution reduction, ENERGY STAR®.

We encourage you to celebrate this years Earth Day with us! There are many ways we can pitch in and work towards making Earth a better, healthier place to live. Whether it’s a group cleanup project, switching up your commute, starting a household or workplace recycling policy, or planting a tree. No task is too small to show gratitude toward the place we call home.