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Importance of Changing Your Winix Filter

Top view of air purifier expelling clean air

Air purifiers are purchased for many reasons and have certainly become more popular this last year. They’re especially important to those who suffer from respiratory illnesses or allergies, those who have smoke or chemicals in the air around them, and those who wish to eliminate the presence of airborne contaminants. Air purifiers, at their core, are used to improve the air quality in our environment and are effective in doing so…if you maintain them properly.

Proper maintenance of your air purifier begins with the unit’s filtration system. This means replacing the filters when needed. There are multiple filters within an air purifier, each requiring a different replacement schedule. Besides a generalized lifespan of the filter types below, there are several environmental factors that play a role in your filter quality. Firstly, if the environment has pets or smoke, the frequency of filter changes will be accelerated. Secondly, if you run your air purifier constantly, it will collect contaminants at a faster rate. And, depending on the type of filter, frequency in replacing your filter will vary. While a Filter Replacement Indicator isn’t a common feature on the air purifier market, every Winix air purifier provides this helpful tool. The indicator’s illumination will notify you when your Winix True HEPA filter should be replaced.

We have put together a replacement guide below that lists all Winix filters and their typical replacement schedule. These time periods can be shorter or longer depending on the environment that the air purifier is located in.

  • Winix Pre-Filters: Must be cleaned every 14 days (please reference user manual for specific care instructions)
  • Winix True HEPA Filters: Must be replaced every 12 months
  • Winix Activated Carbon Filters: Must be replaced every 3 months
  • Coated DeOdorization (CD) Carbon Filter: Must be replaced every 12 months
  • Winix Washable AOC™ Carbon Filter: Must be replaced every 12 months and washed every 3-4 months (please reference user manual for specific care instructions)

It’s imperative to check your air purifiers filters regularly. A filter that is contaminated and past its lifespan will be filled with contaminants such as odor, allergens, dust, pet dander, and smoke – and that’s just naming a few. Once this occurs, air cannot pass through the filters and be properly cleaned. This results in contaminants being reintroduced into your environment. Rather than decreasing your and your family’s air quality, improve it by replacing on time and when needed!