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The Missing Link in Your Beauty Routine

Woman enjoying L100 mist as part of her beauty regimen

The true meaning of beauty varies from person to person, however a commonality we can agree on is that it means looking and feeling our best. Some of you may be on top of the latest beauty industry trends waiting for the next promising product to arise while others keep their routines quick and minimalistic. Regardless of the category you fall into, beauty goes far beyond looks. As we’ve been told, feeling beautiful is quite possibly the most important aspect in putting the best version of yourself forward. Let’s put the products aside and get down to the beauty basics…really basic: water.

Moisture is at the top of the list and humidifiers are gaining popularity as a go-to beauty aid.  We’ve done some digging to find out why.  Here are the top five reasons why your next beauty investment should be a humidifier.

Smooth, Supple Skin

Climate is the main culprit in how your skin feels. Both low and high temperature climates have an effect on humidity levels, and when too low, can leave your skin feeling dry, irritated, and itchy. For those of you that experience winter, having the furnace running is a necessity. The downfall of cranking up your heat is that it comes with a decrease in the presence of moisture. Air conditioning also causes our indoor moisture levels to drop, resulting in dry air and even drier skin. To maintain your supple skin, you’ll need to keep moisture in. Once air turns dry and cold, your skin is less likely to hold onto moisture. Humidifiers work for you (and your skin) by adding necessary moisture back into the air around you. In no time you’ll begin to notice and feel the difference.

Lip Health

The feel and look of chapped lips is something we all want to avoid. Our smiles are often the first thing someone notices, so it’s important to put our best pout forward. Like our skin, our lips also require a healthy level of humidity to remain hydrated. When our lips fail to get the proper humidity, they can look and feel painful. Just like with skin, humidifiers disperse moisture back into the air, leaving you with a smile you can be proud of.

Skin Woes

There are many individuals who suffer from a variety of chronic skin conditions. While proper medical attention is essential, humidifiers can act as a preventative aid in reducing acne, eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis flare ups. These ailments are brought to the surface, quite literally, when there is an absence of moisture in the air. These flare ups can cause not only physical pain but can result in feeling self-conscious. When our skins moisture levels are well-balanced, the symptoms of these conditions are less likely to appear. Restoring moisture to the air around you maintains a healthy humidity level in your home and is one of the most proactive steps you can take in skin protection.

Preventative Skin Care

There are many precautions taken in the fight against aging skin. Whether you have a standing facial appointment or are purchasing the latest anti-aging serum, maintaining moisturized skin is the first step in the fight against wrinkles. While we can lather our faces with moisturizer, having a humidifier offers a consistent output of humidity. This constant humidity level both protects and moisturizes our skin, keeping fine lines at bay.

Hair Health

Much like our skin and lips, our scalp also tends to itch and flake when too dry. While dandruff is harmless, its presence can impact self esteem levels. When the scalp is itched, skin particles land on your clothing, making social interactions less enjoyable for dandruff sufferers. Increasing the humidity around you results in treating your scalp to the moisture its lacking.

Maintaining proper moisture in the air affects many beauty aspects. Let your inner beauty shine as bright as your hair and skin by incorporating a humidifier into your beauty routine!