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Say Goodbye to Dry Eyes

Young female painting at desk with L60 Humidifier

Whether it’s caused by winter or you suffer from it year-round, chronic dry eye or dry eye syndrome can be distracting and painful. Combating this, often daily irritation, means constant eye drops, over the counter medications, warm compresses, and sometimes even acupuncture. A simple remedy that requires minimal effort but can provide maximum results is the use of a humidifier.

According to Optometric Management, it is projected that dry eye affects four million individuals in the United States and almost 60 million worldwide. It is also estimated that U.S. consumers purchase approximately 30 million units of artificial tear products and roughly 25 million units of red eye products annually. This condition rears its head in many forms but Mayo Clinic lists the most common side effects as stinging, burning, redness, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, and can even cause difficulty when wearing contact lenses. Fortunately, these unwelcome woes can be controlled or avoided by adding moisture to your air.

The American Optometric Association suggests increasing the humidity in the air at work and at home to both prevent and reduce the symptoms of dry eyes. Besides diagnosed medical conditions, our eyes tend to get dry when there is a lack of moisture in the air. This lack of moisture causes our tears to evaporate, much like how our skin begins to itch when the air is too dry. While dry eye can occur all year long, it is more common in winter when a furnace is running. The warm air moving throughout your home evaporates moisture and decreases the presence of humidity. The key to combating the symptoms of dry eye is keeping moisture present in the air around you.

Winix humidifiers offer an unprecedented runtime from just one tank filling. Your eyes can enjoy a soothing mist that varies from 30 hours to an astounding 120 hours. This unmatched runtime consistently delivers humidity into your air, relieving your eyes of unpleasantries and freeing your mind (and time) to tend to other things at hand.