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New Year, New You, New Air

Man exercising at home with AM90 Air Purifier

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to improve your lifestyle and health. Rather than heading off to a gym, we’re opting to exercise from home due to safety concerns. While you break a sweat working toward the best version of yourself, its important to remember that the best version of yourself includes what you’re putting in your body. I’m not referring to certain foods or vitamins, which are important, but rather what we put in our lungs!

In your newfound determination to be as healthy as possible, its important to consider keeping the area around you clean as well. Air purifiers cleanse your home gym of airborne contaminants and allergens such as pollen, dust, smoke, and pet dander. When on a mission to improve your health, you don’t need anything standing in your way – including pollutants.

Whether your home workout space is comparable to that of a professional gym or you keep it simple with the basics, they both share a common, unpleasant side effect…odor. Besides the obvious smell of sweat, odors can also be emitted from your gym equipment. Gym floor padding, latex resistance bands, and rubber coated weights are all culprits of odor and toxins.

As we push ourselves to new limits, breathing heavier is a natural side effect. According to Share Care, “When you exercise, your breathing rate increases to compensate for the increased need of oxygen that is required for your body to release energy. When you exhale, you expel carbon dioxide, a waste product of respiration. way our bodies deliver the necessary oxygen to our muscles.” Shouldn’t that oxygen be safe? Winix goes one step further with the Winix Smart App, providing you instant access to the current air quality in the room and allowing you to control your air purifier from anywhere – even the treadmill.

Besides the general safety of breathing cleaner air, fresh air makes for a much nicer environment to spend time in. With the addition of an air purifier, you can keep your home gym fresh and breathe the best quality of air while reaching your goals. Kick this year off right with a better you and better air.