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Benefit Your Baby’s Nursery with Winix

Baby nursery with crib and L200 humidifier on side table to better baby's breathing

When it comes to your baby, its natural to want to provide the best. You’ve read the baby books, you’ve asked other parents for recommendations, and you’ve researched products tirelessly. You’ve probably been told a humidifier is a must for the nursery and here are the reasons why.

These powerful units bring necessary moisture into the air that assist in keeping your bundle of joy healthy. In choosing a humidifier, a warm mist option for your baby is a necessity. Warm mist provides a protectant layer in the air that discourages the presence of harmful bacteria. The production of humidity is also the most natural way to protect your baby from the unpleasant effects of dry air. Dry air can cause discomfort for your baby as it pulls moisture out of the skin and sinuses. This lack of moisture results in sore throats and stuffy noses, causing difficulty in breathing and sleeping.

A humidifiers presence in the nursery not only ensures a healthier, happier baby, but happier and well-rested parents. In creating the optimal breathing conditions for your baby, the average humidifier may not be enough. When it comes to the air your baby is breathing, you’ll want to ensure its as pure as possible. Along with the warm mist feature, the Winix L200 offers a healthier mist for your precious loved one. This healthier mist is the result of LightCel™ Technology, a state-of-the-art offering founded by Winix. This UV-C LED Technology removes contaminants present in water. The 360-degree nozzle allows you to direct this comforting mist either toward or away from your baby.

With so much on your mind as a new parent, the generously sized 2-gallon tank provides a 120-hour runtime, leaving your focus on your little one and not on the need to constantly refill the tank. The automatic shutoff protects your baby and frees your mind of worry. Our adjustable night mood light and programmable humidity setting ensures a soothing environment. The nearly silent operation will leave your baby undisturbed and fast asleep. A large tank opening allows you to clean the product thoroughly, eliminating the concern of proper cleanliness.

As every parent wants to provide a comfortable environment for their baby, the use of a humidifier does just that. Specifically designed to provide your baby with the best, the L200 aides in keeping your little one healthy and provide a comfortable sleeping environment – so a good night’s sleep can be had by all.