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Tackle Kitchen Odors with Winix

Mother and daughter baking muffins with AM80 air purifier eliminating unpleasant odors

With the decrease of dining out comes the inevitable increase of cooking at home. With that rising trend also comes the frequency of unpleasant cooking odors. These odors can linger in the air days after the meal was enjoyed. The use of an air purifier can eliminate these odors and keep your kitchen smelling fresh and inviting.

Whether you’ve accidentally burnt something, are cooking with strong spices, or preparing something potent like fish, the aftermath can be quite unpleasant. Some of these odors can pop up instantly whereas other odors can accumulate and last over time. These odors can be difficult to tackle and keep under control. Opening windows and turning on your vent may help diminish some of the scent, a surefire way to keep odors at bay is with the assistance of an air purifier that contains a carbon filter.

Carbon filters are specifically designed to eliminate household odors. These perforated filters absorb odors and pollutants present in the air through the filters incredibly small pores. Carbon filters work by absorbing the rooms pollutants onto its large surface area. The carbon then acts as a magnet by pulling the pollutants out of the air and trapping them onto the filter. This powerful filter not only rids the room of odors but pulls out so many pollutants that it actually extends the lifespan of the other filters within the unit.

To keep your kitchen smelling fresh, it’s important to know when to replace your carbon filter. Winix recommends you dispose of your carbon filter after 3 months of use to ensure the best air quality in your environment. Forgetting to replace your carbon filter in a timely manner can result in the failure of absorbing unpleasant odors but also rereleases pollutants that the carbon filter has previously filtered out of your air. Winix has gone one step further in the world of carbon filters by offering the reusable Washable AOCTM Carbon Filter*.

Cleaning the air in your kitchen is just as important as cleaning the surface areas. The right air purifier with the correct filter will rid your space of these airborne unpleasantries and leave you with a kitchen you and your family can enjoy for meals to come.

*Filter performance may decrease after each wash and depending on contamination level prior to washing.