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Taking Care of Your Winix Humidifier

L200 water tank being cleansed by hand under a running water faucet

It’s hard to imagine going all winter with the unpleasant side effects of dry air. Humidifiers add essential moisture to the air around us and helps relieve a multitude of uncomfortable symptoms. Taking care of your humidifier will ensure that your unit is working seamlessly and keeping you feeling your best.

How often should I clean my Winix Humidifier?

Regular cleaning for the water tank and ultrasonic transducer is recommended; approximately every 1–2 times a week.

How do I clean my Winix Humidifier?

Your Winix Humidifier can be easily cleaned no matter which model you own. The transparent or translucent tank, convenient carrying handle, and wide opening guarantees all units have a simple cleaning experience.

Step 1:

Remove the units water tank from the unit in an upwards direction. Proceed to bring the water tank to your faucet. For the L200, use the user-friendly, built-in handle for transportation.

Step 2:

Remove the units water tank cap and empty remaining water in the tank.

L200 water tank being carried by hand by built-in handle
L200 water tank being cleansed by hand under a running water faucet

Step 3

Rinse only with clean water. Never use detergent to clean the water tank.

Step 4:

Once sufficiently cleaned, refill with clean water and securely place the water tank cap back into place.

In the event that your unit is not cleaned to your satisfaction, refer to your unit’s user manual for deep cleaning instructions.

How do I clean the unit’s ultrasonic transducer?

  • When disposing the water from the base, tilt the base in the direction of the unit’s air hinge. Tilting in this direction avoids water from entering and damaging the units air hinge.
  • Use clean water and a soft cloth.
  • Make sure no white dust is present on the ultrasonic transducer or base before re-operating.

What kind of water should I be using in my Winix Humidifier?

You can use either distilled or regular tap water. When using hard tap water, we recommend using Winix Demineralization Capsules to reduce mineral residue or buildup inside the unit.

L200 water tank being filled with a water pitcher

How do I protect my Winix Humidifier?

  • Always place humidifier on a firm, flat surface.
  • Always unplug the unit from the electrical outlet immediately after using and before cleaning.
  • Never use detergent to clean the ultrasonic transducer.
  • Never allow your skin to come in contact with the ultrasonic transducer.
  • Do not have the unit facing into wind, drafts, or direct sunlight.
  • Do not place below any electrical outlet.
  • Do not place in excessively humid areas where the unit may become wet.

Following the guidelines above can avoid contaminated water within the unit, therefore preventing a contaminated output of mist. When taken care of properly, your Winix Humidifier will provide comforting moisture to both you and your family all season long.