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Introducing the A230 Air Purifier
Compact Design Without Compromise

Mom and daughter on couch next to A230 Air purifier

With air quality concerns at an all time high, have you addressed air purification in all parts of the house? Will every room have the cleanest air? Winix has once again delivered an air purification solution that is fit for any space, quite literally. We are happy to introduce our latest and most compactly designed addition, the Winix A230 Air Purifier. Made for even the smallest spaces, the A230 Air Purifier’s beautiful design is equally comparable to its incredible function. The A230 boasts a remarkably long-lasting 1-year filter and has been AHAM verified for 5 clean air changes per hour for a 230 sq. ft. room, distinguishing itself from any other in its category. The Winix A230 Air Purifier’s minimalistic design and robust performance ensures that you and your family is breathing the cleanest air all year long in every room.

Featuring an impressively unique 360° all-in-one 4-stage air purification system, the Winix A230 True HEPA Air Purifier powerfully cleans your air from all directions. The convenient 360° design allows you to place the unit anywhere in the room, resulting in a tailored air purification experience meant just for your space. Beginning with the first line of defense against large airborne particles is its Fine Mesh Pre-Filter, keeping what is visible to the human eye out of sight. Following in line is the True HEPA Filter that captures 99.97% of airborne allergens as small as 0.3 microns in size. This incredibly powerful filter keeps allergies at bay, giving you back valuable time to focus on what is most important to you. Next comes the reduction of VOCs and household odors with its Activated Carbon Filter. Lastly is a Winix exclusive that has been proven ozone safe by CARB; Winix PlasmaWave® Air Cleaning Technology which may help to reduce the presence of airborne impurities.

Following its distinctive, spherical all-in-one filtration system is its ultra-quiet operation. The unit is nearly silent on its lowest speed and is no louder than a whisper on its highest speed, ensuring you and your family an undisturbed environment. The built-in Smart Sensor detects and monitors the quality of air in your environment so you can easily see a visual representation of your current air quality. The technologically advanced Air Quality Indicator displays real-time air quality in the room with optional LED lights, leaving no guesswork when it comes to the quality of your air. When in Auto Mode, the A230 automatically adjusts fan speed based on the air quality in your room to ensure efficient and cost-effective cleaning. This convenient, hassle-free feature does the work for you, so adjusting your fan speed is something you don’t have to worry about. At the touch of a button, the Sleep Mode feature offers light-free, quiet operation. Conveniently activate Sleep Mode to instantly provide yourself with a relaxing environment free of distractions.

The A230 is proven dependable and efficient by already holding an impressive Energy Star rating. This means beautiful design and exceptional function doesn’t come with high operating costs. We proudly invite you to enjoy not only the cleanest air, but the elegance that comes with the Winix A230 Air Purifier.