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The New World of Winix

A world of possibilities

We are excited to announce the global re-branding of Winix! We believe it was important to explain the concept and meaning behind the new WINIX. Our passion lies further than offering an advanced line of air quality solutions for you and your family, although that will always be our top priority. We also believe in encompassing the world of air as a whole, our world of endless possibilities, and constantly pushing ourselves to give you, our valued customer, the best products in the air quality industry.

Our story begins at the edge of reality and a dream, this is where innovation occurs. We believe that the mix of our progressive thinking and pushing the boundaries is where greatness happens. It’s at the edge of the past and present that our future is realized, where we are able to provide you with advanced, forward-thinking products. This is where the WINIX spirit lives, where dreams and ideas become reality. Where our spirit and confidence become compassion for one another.

WINIX holds a unique perspective on the infinite possibilities of its products and the world itself. We believe that the essence and value of our products are boundless, and we showcase this belief in the WINIX logo itself. We have thoughtfully expressed our belief of endless opportunity in the shape of the WINIX “X” which itself means infinite. The curvature used indicates the shape of the world and with the “X” combined, encompasses the infinite opportunities of our brand and the world we live in.

Winix Logo from concept to creation

The rich colors of universe blue and sunrise purple have profound meaning in the atmosphere we live in. The deep blue is found where the earth meets the universe and when possibilities begin. The royal purple is brought to light when the sun rises though darkness, bringing new ideas and concepts.

We are proud to share our deep belief in our brand and the world of possibilities around us.