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Winix Air Purifiers rank in the top 10 for 2020

Winix Claims 2 Top Ten Air Purifier Spots in 2020

It’s 2020 and the importance of clean air has never been so clear. Many people are looking to improve the air quality in the home, apartment, or office. Luckily Winix has got you covered!

Thanks Home Air Quality Guides for ranking 2 of our air purifiers in your Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for 2020!

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Our first unit to make the list is our popular Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier.

The WINIX 5500-2 3-Stage Air Purifier with PlasmaWave® Technology captures 99.97% of particles and covers rooms up to 360sq. ft.

Home Air Quality Guides starts by stating,

“This Winix air purifier is a top rated air purifier because it uses a patented PlasmaWave technology not found in other air cleaners.”

Click here to learn what makes PlasmaWave® Technology so special

PlasmaWave is the safest technology of its kind on the market and for the price, this is the best air purifier under $200.”

We combine Carbon, True HEPA, and PlasmaWave® Technology to filter 99.99%* of dust, allergens, VOCs, and smoke from your indoor environment.

3 stage air purifier

We make it easy to manage and maintain clean air quality levels – Home Air Quality Guides knows!

“The most notable feature, however, is that it includes a smart sensor that monitors the air quality within a room and automatically adjusts itself to maximize the air cleaning power.”

Our 5500-2 Air Purifier is available with free shipping right here from our website!

Next to make the list is our popular Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier.

HR900 Side angle view

For many pet owners, furry companions are an important member of the family, but that doesn’t mean they don’t come with  less-desirable side effects such as allergens and odors. An air purifier is a great solution to help mitigate these side effects. Just ask Home Air Quality Guides,

“It’s an excellent air purifier for pet owners and you won’t find any other product at this price that’s as effective at removing all types of dust and allergens, including stubborn pet dander and hair.”

We built 5 Stages of filtration into the HR900 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier.

“5-stage Air Cleaning System with two Pre-filters, True HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, and PlasmaWave Generator. No airborne pollutants can escape this device.”

  • The Ultimate Pet Pre-Filter, the first line of defense against dander, hair, and the largest household particles.
  • Fine Mesh Pre-Filter to strain out large household particles.
  • Advanced Odor Control (AOCTM) Carbon Filter** to rid the air of unwanted scents such as pet odor, smoke, VOCs, and cooking.
  • True HEPA filter to remove 99.99%* of allergens and smaller particles down to 0.003 microns in size.
  • PlasmaWave® Technology which may help to reduce the presence of airborne impurities.


**Filter performance may decrease after each wash and depending on contamination level prior to washing.
*Based on independent laboratory tests conducted on inanimate particles as small as 0.003 microns.